Small World Child Care Network is a child care service and referral company that seeks out quality child care providers and their potential clients in order to foster a positive working partnership dedicated to developing children.
Staff & Partnership Information
SWCCN is a partnership that has been involved with child care for over 20 years. Our team of staff members come from various backgrounds and cultures. We actively recruit care givers that have a desire to assist children with their development. Everyone is required to pass a background check, CPR certification, have a positive attitude, and demonstrate an ability to work effectively with children.
The child care providers we partner with are owned and operated independent of Small World Child Care Network. To be part of the network providers must fulfill the following criteria:
California State Licensed
Pass SWCCN Facility Inspection
Adequately Staffed
Child Friendly Environment

Small World Mission
Offer a safe fun-loving environment for children to learn and play. Strive to nurture the emotional, physical and cognitive development of children. Encourage positive social interaction among children, parents and staff.
We believe in balanced nutrition and prayer before meals. Maintain a quality of care that benefits children, parents, staff and community.
Our Vision
Build a network of licensed child care providers that share our mission. Offer referral services to approved residential child care programs and centers. Develop a brand of child care that ranks among the top child care facilities. Provide cutting-edge learning strategies that assist youth to advance. Contribute and participate in activities that support and uplift the community
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